How to Unlock iCloud on iPhone our iPad for Free!

In our platform you will find the best ways to Unlock your iCloud from your iPad in the easiest and safest way.


If the iCloud Account on your device is locked, do not worry because there is a way to remove the iCloud Lock or avoid the iCloud Locking of your iPhone, iPad, even if you can not locate the previous owner and do not know the Apple ID. Here, you will learn how to unblock iCloud by simply following a few small steps described below.

You can also find the serial number of the device in iTunes:

a. Connect your IOS device to the computer, after downloading the files that are generated below.

second. If iTunes does not start automatically, open it.

b. Locate the device. Click on the Summary tab to see the information.

c. On an iPhone, click on the phone number to see the IMEI / MEID and the ICCID. On an iPad (cellular model), click on the serial number to see the CDN, the IMEI / MEID and the ICCID.

How to make a disable iPad work again.

If the iPad has been permanently disabled, your only option will be to reset it to its factory default state. This is the state it was in when you first obtained it. This may seem like a punishment, but it is really for your own protection. If someone stole your iPad and try to Unlock it, the iPad would be permanently disabled, which would prevent the person from accessing the data on the iPad.